Jatson Chumig

Lhasa, Tibet
P.R. China
Jatson Chumig Handicraft Industries located on the same grounds as Jatson Chumig Orphanage operates four handicraft workshops employing many disabled adults. Following the passing of our founder Mr Jampa Tsundhup la on October 27, 2016 everyone at Jatson Chumig was overcome with great sadness and grief. However in the spring of 2017, all employees and even the older children / many who are now young adults returned for Jampala's funeral and his passing rites. They wanted to join together to help make Jatson Chumig new again and renew Jampa's vision of having Jatson Chumig become the best it can possibly be.  Throughout 2017 and even into the early month of January 2018, this improvement continued.
During this time the following has been completed - New Handicraft Workshops - New Handicapped Apartments (3 people-to-an-apartment) for the most disabled workers of Jatson Chumig. A New Gift Shop was built. The Papermaking and Incense Making Workshops have been restored/rebuilt. The new work offices are for the Director; Tenzin Choedon (Jampala's daughter) and there are also offices for the bookkeeper, accountant, administration, administrators and more. 
These new offices (situated between the girls and boys dormitories) puts the entire staff in closer proximity with the children of Jatson Chumig Orphanage. Behind the new Center Office sits the restored papermaking workshop, then the new fenced-in playground. In the back of the property is where the New Handicraft Workshops are all located / connected together. Above those workshops are the eight apartments, each home for three disabled employees, thereby providing housing for the handicapped workers. Everyone is now closer together, linking together the children, the workers and the administration. This has led to an environment in which everyone feels more connected which has lead to all at Jatson Chumig feeling happier and even more united. 
All children and all employees at Jatson Chumig in Lhasa, China are considered family. 
Together, they work towards a common goal which is to bring greater happiness.
Papermaking Workshop: - produces many handmade papermade products including books, picture frames, decorations, lampshades, and many more items.
Bootmaking Workshop: - produces the old-fashioned "traditional" Tibetan boots worn by many different people in society from nomads to monks to everyday Tibetans. Every pair of boots is handmade at Jatson Chumig in Lhasa.
Clothing Workshop: - produces many types of Tibetan clothing including Chupas, dresses, shirts, as well as wall hangings and many more items.
Incense Workshop: - produces the highest quality of incense. This is used both for prayer/meditation as well as healing.
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THE JATSON GIFTSHOP: - The New Jatson Gift Shop displays everything handmade from the Jatson Chumig Workshops.  Everything is made on premises.  If you have a "special request" let them know and they will do their very best in trying to fulfill your wishes. They make the highest quality items. All proceeds go towards the running of the orphanage which helps support the children in helping to pay for things such as; food, clothing, medical, school uniforms, school books, boarding schools, colleges and universities and also transportation to and from Jatson Chumig.  All Jatson students return "home" for the summer vacation break and also for the winter vacation break. The winter school break is most important as all Jatson students & workers gather together to celebrate Losar, the Tibetan New Year.
We believe Jampa la (rest-in-peace) would be delighted knowing that everything he first began in 1990 with the start of the Jatson Chumig Handicraft Industries and then in 1993 when the first 35 orphaned children entered Jatson Chumig Orphanage has progressed to this point 25 years later. Jampala would be happy that his dream of providing for the orphaned and disabled children of Tibet continues on, and in fact, continues to grow and even become stronger.  Over these past 25 years, more than 400 children have been served and hundreds of people with disabilities have been aided in and around Lhasa.  These individuals have had their lives greatly improved because of Jampala. He was indeed a great man and his memory continues to live on in the lives of all he helped.

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Please visit our Photo Galleries (below). These include the following:
Gallery 1 = The New Workshops, 1st floor ~ 2017
                   New Handicapped Apartments, 2nd floor
Gallery 2 = Clothing Making Workshop, 2017
Gallery 3 = Papermaking Workshop, 2017
Gallery 4 = Incense Making Workshop, 2017
Gallery 5 = Shoemaking / Bootmaking, 2017
Gallery 6 = New Jatson Chumig Gift Shop, 2018
Gallery 7 = The New Playground, 2017-'18
Gallery 8 = Repainting Both Dormitories, 2017
Gallery 9 = The New Staff Offices, 2017-'18
When you visit Lhasa Tibet
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