Jampa Tsundhup: Founder, 1990 - 2016

 Jampa Tsundhup, Founder

Jampa Tsundhup was a very faithful and compassionate person. He gave with selfless sincerity, to help the children and to develop the school, seeking no personal recognition or reward. A loving and dedicated father to each child, he never took his eyes away from them, not for a second. Jampa la passed away on October 27, 2016. His love and respect by the children is evident in their beaming smiles.

The Advisory Committee of China recognized Jampa for his good faith demonstration and cooperation. Teng Shang Mei, organizer of “Science Educational Distribution” named him a “Great Developer for China.” Jampa was also honored as "The Best Head Master in the Country”.

Jampa Tsundhup, was the founder and served as the Director from 1990-2016. He was also the factory director of Jatson Chumig Handicraft Industries and gave all of the employees at Jatson Chumig direction in life, opportunity, hope. When two disabled workers got married, he represented their families as paternal father to both. In many cases the disabled workers do not have any other family members to attend their weddings.

In addition to supporting themselves, the disabled workers support the Tibetan orphan children, many of whom are also disabled. Jampa Tsundhup also served as headmaster of Lhasa Jatson Chumig Welfare Special School for the orphans which he had built with proceeds from the sale of arts and crafts manufactured by the Handicraft Workshops.

Rest In Peace Jampala

Tenzin Choedon
Assistant Director: 1993 - 2016
Director: 2016 - present

Tenzin Choedon, Director 

Tenzin is the point-person for all of Jatson Chumig. Tenzin has devoted her life for disabled and orphaned children as well as for the poor and sick. Because of her self-motivation and commitments for helping rural communities' welfare, she is an advocate for children throughout Tibet and China. Her dedication and her challenging view of "hard work is key to success".

Helping children is her only interest.
Tenzin's motto is:
Others before self

Our Dedicated Staff:

The Teachers, House Mothers, Bookkeepers and Accounts, Cooks and Staff all make Jatson Chumig possible for the children. The Handicraft Workers at the four workshops; Paper, Incense, Clothing and Shoes make products which are sold and these profits help sustain the orphanage.

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