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Jatson Chumig Orphanage
Lhasa, Tibet  -  P.R.China

Welcome to the Jatson Chumig Orphanage!
The Jatson Chumig Welfare Special School in Lhasa, Tibet, is a non-profit NGO, charitable institution run by Tibetans helping the ethnic minority children of China who are handicapped or orphaned and destitute in the city of Lhasa.

Since their founding in 1993,
the orphanage has been providing a supportive, nurturing home (housing, food, clothing & education) as well as healthcare for Jatson Chumig students. They also provide vocational job training, as well as entrance into middle school, high school and universities. It is their goal to give these children a loving, healthy environment in which to live, learn and to contribute to society.

Jatson Chumig Welfare Special School has won awards for being the most successful educational/orphanage program in Tibet. They are very proud of their students and thankful to all those who help make Jatson Chumig a success.
Celebrating Children's Day at Jatson Chumig
Orphanage in Lhasa, Tibet
Jatson Chumig follows all rules, laws and guidelines set forth by the People's Republic of China. As both non-profit and an NGO, they do not support any political or religious organizations.  Helping the people living in the Tibet Autonomous Region and in particular, the children of Lhasa, is their only goal. This is being accomplished by providing a healthier, safer, cleaner environment which both improves their quality of education and by providing assistance for the disabled / handicapped children of Tibet.
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Lhasa Jatson Chumig Welfare Special School 
Chumi Road
Lhasa, Tibet -- P.R. China
Students prepare to leave for their 1st year in college!