Jatson Chumig Educational Corporation



Mission Statement:

The mission of the Jatson Chumig Educational Corporation is to improve the housing, health, educational and vocational opportunities available to the orphaned and handicapped students who attend The Jatson Chumig Welfare Special School in Lhasa, Tibet ~ P.R. China.  This is being accomplished in many ways, especially by supporting the sale of the handicraft products produced at the Jatson Chumig Workshops.

JCEC Board of Directors


  - Pema Dolma with Brian McClatchy
Brian McClatchy, President/founder
Brian first arrived in Tibet in 2006 and returned to visit Jatson Chumig in 2007 to help the students improve their English. After two more visits in 2008, he took on a larger role in Marketing & Development. In 2009, Brian became the founder of the Jatson Chumig Educational Corporation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. “There’s nothing more in the world I’d rather be doing than assisting Jatson Chumig provide the best opportunities and future for these kids.”

  - Tsedan Lhamu with Julie LeMay
Julie Lemay, Secretary
Julie first visited Jatson Chumig School in May 2006 and helped as a physical therapist for the disabled students.  She returned in April 2009 to continue in physical therapy.  “Being on the board of JCEC is important because it is a way to expand my support for the school and to visit Lhasa and see the children."
  - Leticia Padilla with Jatson kids
Leticia Padilla, Treasurer
When Leticia arrived at Jatson Chumig in January 2008 to visit for one month, her first reaction was, "It's cold, really cold here! The kids and I warmed up each other's hearts very quickly. Helping the Board is a wonderful way of helping Jampa, Tenzin and the kids and it's a great way of being in two places at once, the USA and Tibet."

 Denis Tse with a Jatson Class
Denis Tse, JCEC Board Member
Denis first visited Lhasa and Jatson Chumig in 2004. He returned again in 2005 and once again, helped the children.  Never forgetting Jatson Chumig, he came back in 2010 to advise and in 2011 founded The Jatson Chumig Educational Organization for Tibetan Children, a non-profit headquartered in Hong Kong. Denis brings to the Board a wealth of experience and knowledge in assisting Jatson Chumig in moving forward.